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Carlo Cantini violinist, in 1996 thought to create an electric violin for personal aspirations; he eventually decided to put the XSeries MIDI violin on the market, and now updated versions of the Sonplus Electr/Midi 4 and 5 strings violin are available directly on our on-line store.

Our instruments are designed to meet the needs of sound and music beyond the classical concept, and have the capability to interface via MIDI with a computer or a hardware synth.

Stefano Dall'Ora

Stefano Dall'Ora - Cantini Electric Violins

Stefano Dall'Ora, great double bass player and electronic designer, has worked with CantiniElectricViolins for many years; he has designed the electronics of all of our instruments (VRT, X-EVON, V-JAZZ, SONIC, SONPLUS).