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Technical Support

Some tips to encrease performance

Our instruments have a separate magnetic system for each string ISSP2, this system needs steel strings like Galli Strings Ouverture or good strings with medium electric impedance and steel.

For improved midi performance and tracking we recommend: Galli Ouverture or Daddario Helicore, when mounting strings with less metal inside is possible adjust gain for each string and have good volume balance.



Notes on MIDI tracking:
For a good pitch to MIDI-tracking it is very important to have a very clean playing style, this prevents spurious sounds.


Notes on MIDI latency:

PCM sounds with the GR 55 have a very low latency: 0.7 ms max.

MODELLING Synth Sounds and other GR55 sounds do not have any latency.

Spare parts for X-Evon and V-Jazz violins

To buy spare parts for old Cantini violin models mail to: